The dairy

After having run more than forty little dairies scattered in south Aveyron, thanks to the knowledge of the background of the sheep milk producers, after fructuous and successive exchanges with colleagues and competitors, Vernières was able to build in 1987 on the Levezou plateau, at the altitude of 780 m, in the village of Villefranche de Panat, a unique dairy with all the necessary investments to make its Roquefort.

This dairy collects sheep milk from 75 producers chosen according to 3 fundamental criteria :

1 – quality and richness of their milk

2 – proximity of the dairy (not one of our producers should be more than 20 km from our dairy), in order not to damage the milk due to long transportation

3 – ability to have a permanent contact that helps their development as much as ours

The caves

Two different caves, of similar capacity belong to the Vernières. The first one, in Quartier Saint Jean, is the moistest and most vented during the summer and winter, where it stays at constant temperature. These characteristics are due to its proximity with the Combalou cliff. This is an ancestral cave of “Romanesque cathedral” type.

The second one, located Avenue de Lauras, is less naturally moist, well vented with a more variable temperature, and allows more various maturing types compared to the previous cave in order to satisfy all tastes. It is a changing cave which is subject to winds, seasons and hygrometry.

Of course, to deliver our Roquefort all around the world, our two complementary caves are infinitely precious and necessary to satisfy the most challenging and the most various tastes.

Shipping and packaging complex

With the same family determination, Jean-François Ricard opened a new packaging and shipping complex in 2005 to satisfy Vernières most demanding customers.

Carrying on its history instead of denying it, Vernières makes the most of modern production whilst still honoring the ancestral characters of the Roquefort controlled origin.