The caves at Roquefort are natural. A rockfall from  the Combalou plateau which overhangs the Roquefort village  , gave rise to some splits  called   “Les Fleurines”.

The ventilation through Les Fleurines determines the temperature and the humidity of these caves and accordingly also their specific nature.



A good cave is very humid with a constant temperature.

The chief cellar man  determines when the cheese is ready to leave the cave to be wrapped in a protective sheet of pure tin. Then the cheese is stored in an unventilated, dark, cool area.

It has to mature  for at least three months before being dispatched, according to the AOP rules.



Before being sold, the protective wrapping is removed from the cheese.

It is simply washed with clear water. The crust must be clean. Then it is dried.

Our range includes slices, wedges , ½ wheel  and mini-cubes. Various machines package all these products in the most excellent sanitised environment.

Our flexibility to adapt our offering enables us to supply both the French and the export market while completely meeting their specific requirements.

All the cheese batches are analysed and are only dispatched if they comply with the legislation and our customers’ specifications.

Each box is identified according to an internal code that enables us to monitor the cheese until it reaches the consumer.

Meeting sanitation requirements, new premises, training and our know-how all serve as a guarantee of a quality product which has earned one of the most challenging awards, a BRC certification.

And so, the Vernières roquefort, the precious result of its terroir and man’s know-how, is to be enjoyed at room temperature, alone or in the company of family or friends.